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May 2004 marks the first Million Mom March since 2000; CA-based MMM founder Mary Leigh Blek lost her 19-year-old son to a random New York City shooting.


My unloaded pistol is safe. Even with the magazine (clip) removed, a pistol may have one cartridge still chambered. Only after the chamber has been cleared is the gun 100 percent safe.

Book Cover "Examines the ways that guns and women intersect in American culture, past and present"


Caitlin Kelly's "interviews with improbable women gun owners truly fascinate"


Providing both practical information and useful commentary, Kelly turns in a rough-hewn yet groundbreaking and invaluable analysis.


What's Inside...

Blown Away: American Women and Guns by Caitlin Kelly offers the first national, neutral, nuanced examination of the intersection of American women and firearms: recreational, political, economic, professional, cultural, social and criminal. Critics praise it for its diversity, fairness and in-depth examination of a complex, divisive issue.

You'll hear from female felons, law enforcement officers and military, legislators and lobbyists, Olympic athetes and some of the 8.5 million women who have bought guns for self-defense. You'll also meet some of the 8.5 million women who shoot recreationally: hunting, biathlon, target shooting, skeet, trap and clays.

Equally important are the book's compelling stories of real women telling their searing stories -- women who have experienced gun violence, whether they have shot or been shot, or have lost their loved ones to firearms-related homicide or suicide. Daily newspaper headlines remind us that violence against women is relentless and knows no bounds. Why, with the vicious attacks on young women in Montreal and Pennsylvania in late 2006, are men now hunting young women in their classrooms?

As a guest lecturer, I recently spoke to 50 women's studies students at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I welcome and enjoy the opportunity to discuss my detailed and unduplicated research with students and scholars; if you seek a speaker for your class, panel or conference on criminology, women's issues, psychology or journalism, please email me.

This footnoted, indexed book covers a wide range of issues in depth, from the history of women and guns to how women help formulate gun policy, and cites 35 other seminal works on women and violence, past and present. I also speak to women's groups, libraries, book clubs and other interested groups.

Caitlin Visits Quantico

One of my recent stops (below) while promoting Blown Away: American Women and Guns.

Caitlin at the entrance to Quantico

WNYC's Brian Lehrer interviews Caitlin

Caitlin was a guest speaker on WNYC's Brian Lehrer show at 93.9 FM or 820 AM. You can hear the archived segment of the Brian Lehrer online at

Caitlin speaks on NPR

Caitlin Kelly was interviewed on National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation. Listen to the radio piece.

Now Blogging

Caitlin is now blogging on her personal blog site, Broadside Blog.

Check out her blog.